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Leon Everette


It amazes me what God has done in my life.  He has truly blessed me above any measure.
As a lot of people know of my past in the country music field.  I signed with RCA Records and had 11 top ten hits and 1 number one record in the country charts.  I was nominated for new male vocalist of the year, had one of the biggest selling records of the year, and my band won traveling band of the year.  We were playing all over the world and I thought I had it made. 

Through all the fame and fortune I was still unsatisfied and knew that there was something still missing in my life so one day I decided to give it all up, and I quit the music scene.  I kicked around with several businesses including some retail & wholesale stores.  I even started a night club.  Looking back I can see how God had his hand in this and was preparing  me for a day yet to come.   I was still unsatisfied and searching for fulfillment, when a friend  invited me to church ( not exactly what I was looking for at that time ) but I went anyway. 
Guess what? 
I knew what that void was in my life.  I closed the night club and began kicking around other business ideas.  All the while still visiting my friends church.  I got married to my wife Diane, which God surely sent to me.  We both got saved in 1997 and never looked back.
 It's so amazing how the road of life can change when God comes on the scene GOD IS GOOD!
I started playing and singing in church and I was happier than I had ever been before.  But I knew God was calling me to do more, so I began the task of putting a band together, not an easy thing to do!  God confirmed what he wanted me to do when he started bringing musicians into my life from the past.  How awesome God is to take super musicians from around the country, save their souls, deliver them from bondage, and relocate them in one spot to form: FAITH RIDERS BAND.  We are all dedicated to spreading his word through our music. 
Now  "we're having more fun with Jesus in our Band."  God Bless!!

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