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John Long

When asked to write this bio, it struck me as a difficult task. Then I recalled a Johnny Paycheck song that says the truth never changes. That took the pressure off...... "For I am who I am".

From pickin' and grinnin' to driving a bus, wiping my eyes trying to stay awake and make it to the next gig. I took a break from the road three times, starting my own businesses. Sadly I closed each one. No one sent me any bail out money, nor did I ask for any. I accepted my losses: At the time I wished I had a job to shove!

Personally: I find peace in God, fireplaces and liquid. My blessings are my children, my parents and my music.

I enjoy the gift to write. There's something about writing........it's a release for me when my soul needs an outlet and is searching for peace.  My dad and brother write, and a handfull of friends get together and shoot material at me.  Writers should always write and never give up.

I believe we have the right and the need to preserve our heritage of country music and its traditions.  I grew up bucking hay bales on a farm listening to country music and when I was asked to play guitar behind artists on the Grand Ole Opry, it was a great honor to be there

My music is country. I don’t copy anybody. I just play and sing the way I feel it. My great blessing is radio and how they have allowed my music to go out to the world. Maybe someday one of our children will grow up to say "I remember hearing that guy when I was a kid, and I knew who it was when they played his record” It's always amazing to be a memory.

I am Country and Proud OF IT”.

John Long

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