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Close your eyes. Lean back and relax. That warm, soothing, mellow voice that whisks you away to a happier time belongs to none other than the incomparable Jack Greene. As one of country music's most enduring and best-loved stars, Jack has thrilled millions over a career that has spanned over 4 decades. His unforgettable hits include "Statue of a Fool," "There Goes My Everything," and "All the Time," all of which have been immortalized by enthusiastic fans who demand to hear them wherever he plays.Having toured as a drummer in the Texas Troubadour band for the legendary Ernest Tubb, Jack could scarcely have imagined the incredible success he was to achieve as a solo performer. However, E.T. could see the dynamic potential in his protege, and actively encouraged him to strike out on his own. The rest is the stuff of history. The pinnacle of his success came during the 1967 CMA awards, where he swept every major prize including Single of the Year, Album of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Song of the Year for "There Goes My Everything." The enduring popularity of that song is reflected in the fact that it has been recorded no less than 111 times, in 14 languages. Due to Jack's immense popularity, he was later inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and to this day, remains a regular on the weekly Saturday night programs that have become a tradition for country music lovers everywhere.
Jack's accomplishments have been legion, and his notoriety has spread across the globe. A multiple Grammy award nominee, he was also recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top 100 "Most Played Artists" over the last 40 years. His string of nine #1 hits was complemented by two #1-selling albums, one of which stayed at the top of the charts for a full year! Among his other accolades was enshrinement into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989, and receipt of the "Living Legend" award at the Major Independent Record Label awards show. The magnitude of Jack's success, and the manner in which his music has been embraced by his fans, was perhaps best captured in an Associated Press article characterizing him as "the Garth Brooks of his era."
The love of performing and the seemingly insatiable appetite for his music among his loyal fans, has prompted Jack to continue what he loves to do most. A true ambassador of country music, he is the consummate entertainer, always ready with an autograph, a warm smile, and an uplifting tune. One of his most recent projects was to collaborate on the "Opry Legends Collection," which consists of a series of albums featuring various stars of the Opry. Whether in the recording studio, or on a stage in front of his legions of fans, Jack Greene will always be known as the Gentleman of Country Music.

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